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Now you came to the right place. Here at Project Cold you can learn the pyschology of Pick Up, and Game. How to use Advanced NLP and Hypnosis techniques and Live the Life you deserve. Your Paradigm Shift Awaits....

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What You Can Learn

To get the results you want in life you have to put in that work. 


This is where you will start ingraining the correct beliefs into your subconscious brain. Having a great inner game takes work but if done correctly you will exude confidence in any situation and get the results you really want. 


Outter game is where you can actually display your inner game traits in the real world. This can be using conversation techniques all the way to advanced storytelling. This is where the real magic happens. 


With our advanced knowledge in evolutionary psychology, NLP, Hypnosis and persuasion. We have accumulated tons of advanced techniques that work wonders in real life interactions. Using these will bring you immediate results. 

How will learning psychology and persuasion help?

No matter how old you are you will always be able to use this type of game to get the girls you want and live the life you always imagined. Simply by implementing our teaching you will start to see instant results in the real world. Now here is where you take the next steps. Your Paradigm shift awaits...

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